Fundraising is critical for Scout Groups including the 30th.


Scouting is a charity, the 30th Reigate is a charity, all our Leaders, Helpers and Supporters are volunteers. We recieve no external funding and all the money required for delivering the busy and challenging educational program comes from Subscriptions, activity fees and fundraising.

To ensure that scouting is available to all and not just a select few we keep the subscription and activity fees as low as possible. This means that we rely heavily on fundraising for renewing and maintaining equipment and for development of our HQ.

Supermarket Bag Packing

Once a year just before Christmas we organise ourselves into teams of active Bag Packers and set up camp in Morrisons in Reigate to deliver a speedy bag packing service. This assists customers with their bags and also benefits the shop in increasing the throuhput at what is one of their busiest times.

Round Table Father Christmas Collection

We also assist the Reigate and Redhill Round Table in their seasonal tours of the local areas helping them collect money for local charities. In recent years we have been fortunate in being allowed to help with three evenings partly due to the fact that we have a supporting and committed group of Scouts and Explorers who are prepared to come out and support this activity.

Santa Landing Reigate

In support of the annual Santa helicopter landing, the Round Table operate a fair in priory park and we support this event running one or two stalls of activities. The landing is very well subscribed by the local community and a great opportunity for publicity and fundraising.

Jumble Sales

The group collect jumble thoughout the year and periodically run Jumble Sales in the HQ. These sales have a valuable environmental benefit increaing reuse of goods and securing the group much needed funds in the process.

Other Events

Historically we have undertaken other events to raise funds, these are run as and when the opportunity arises. In the past this has included: Christmas Fairs, Sponsored Daffodil Bulb sales, Webb Ivory catalogue, Auctions, Table top sales and others. 

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