scram2010SCRAM is a County Cub Scout event that only happens once every three years. It is organised by Surrey County Scouts and is a brilliant day full of activities and entertainment. The event sees 2500 Cub Scouts from all over Surrey along with their leaders and helpers travel to Cranlegh Showground to participate in a day of
fun, learning and activities.

There are always a massive range of activities on offer; for those looking for gentler things to do there are craft activities and garden games, there are normally inflatables there, sometimes live animals, often assault courses, opportunities to try cooking and eat the results. There might be slides, mazes, challenges, games, things to climb on, drive, play with...

It's impossible to tell in advance what wonders will be found at Scram - the only thing you can do is sign up and go and see for yourself. 

bazzaz2009BAZZAZ is the Surrey County Beaver Scout Funday. It is normally held at the Cranleigh Showground in June every three years. 1,500 Beaver Scouts and Leaders from all over Surrey attended this popular event in 2009.

At the start of the day colonies and districts congregate in their home towns and board coaches, busses and cars for the drive the Cranleigh. Upon arrival the beaves will be walked to the check-in gate and through into the main showground field.

Each district is allocated their own area of the field; often marquees and other tents will be put up in this area in which bags, lunches and coats can be left. The beavers are split up into small groups and sent out to experience the day for themselves.

Full use is made of the showground with a big circular ring of activities all around the outside of the main field and a smaller circle of games in the middle. Beavers and their leaders are able to visit the activities in any order they like.

In some years there are large organised events such as displays or shows during which the beavers are invited to come and sit down to watch. These may be tented events or open air shows and in varies from time to time.

The event is mostly staffed and run by volunteer leaders and helpers from all over Surrey (and beyond) and this means a massive selection of activities are always on offer. In the past there have been activities like fairground rides, climbing, cooking, craft, garden games, live wild animals, mazes, a mini railway, circus skills, boat making, large inflatables, go carts and assault courses.

It is an incredible event that really shouldn't be missed. More information about recent events and the details of the next one can be found on the Bazzaz Website.

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