The 30th 100 Club was set up many years ago to help raise funds for the 30th. Here is a good way of helping the Group, but also a good chance of winning something for yourself. This is a “Private Members Draw”, 100 tickets are available and your chances of winning are 1 in 100 each month.






Two £300 cash prizes, one drawn every six months

Two £120 cash prizes, one drawn every six months

Twelve monthly cash prizes of £30, one drawn every month






A draw will be held at the 30th Headquarters, Somers Hall, Reigate or elsewhere, at another convenient Group event, each month or in a following month. Winners will be notified. Results will be displayed in Somers Hall as well as on The 30th Club page on the Group website. All members will be notified of the results each year unless otherwise requested






Each ticket will be an annual ticket and will cost £24 annually or half-yearly £12 in advance






In order to simplify collecting ticket subscriptions please complete the attached banker’s order form. Cash or cheque payments may only be made annually




Please Note


The completed banker’s order will not be forwarded to your bank until the member has been sent confirmation of membership by a numbered ticket from the Promoter. Numbers will be entered in the draw in the first month in which cash payment is received or the banker’s order paid by the member’s bank. Numbers will not be entered if payment lapses
















A form which can either be completed and emailed, or printed and posted to the Promoter can be found in the "Documents" area under the "Group" menu - titled "The 30th Club Form".

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