Here is a photo of most of the Scout Group, after the annual renewal of promises at the St. Georges Day event. The Beavers were there, but enjoying themselves somewhere else at the time!

On Sunday 23rd April 2017, St George's Day, five of our group members went to Windsor Castle to receive their Queen Scout Award. At the event they march into the Quandrangle at the Castle where the parade is reviewed byBear Grylls (Chief Scout) and a representative from the royal family. Following this they then attend a National Scout Service at St. George's Chapel. 

 The Queen Scout Award is the highest youth award in Scouting and is equivalent to the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award with some additional Scouting requirements. The award takes at least 2 - 5 years to complete. Most start the award when they are age 16 and are adults by the time they finish. All our members that completed the award in the past year are ex-Explorer Scouts, Network Scouts, Young Leaders or adult leaders and all are still involved with the 30th in some capacity. 

 Here is the Surrey County photo from the day, with our members on the far right - Jordan Boys Guest, Megan Stilwell, Seb Courtney-Walker, Gala Evans and Alex Coveney.


Saturday 21st November

At our Headquarters

Somers Hall, Slipshoe Street, RH2 9HU

10.00am to 1.00pm

Admission Free

Start your Christmas Shopping with us, great bargains to be had!

Lots of Gift stalls, Bric- a- Brac, Cakes and crafts for children.

See you there!

During the building extension programme, it was discovered that the existing roof of the main building was decaying and leaking with missing tiles and in need of attention. The building was erected 132 years ago, in 1885, so it is not surprising.

The cost of replacement is significant, given the size of the roof and dependent on what other work is required to the framing and insulation requirements. The building is in a designated conservation area, which means that there are additional local rules as to the materials used to maintain the standards of the conservation area. We will therefore be using ‘hand-made’ tiles to meet those requirements.

This additional expenditure on the Hall has meant that we have needed to find further funding to complete this task. I am pleased to say that we have now achieved this through contributions from parents and two grants from the local Council and most recently from Biffa Award.

Biffa Award is a multi-million Pound fund that helps to build communities and transform lives through awarding grants to community and environmental projects across the UK. The process was very thorough and we are very grateful to Biffa Award for the £25k grant helping us to ensure that the historical building is maintained for us and the communities that will use the Hall for generations to come. See Biffa Award for more details of their work and awards.

We will recognise this contribution with a Biffa Award plaque fixed to the wall in the Hall entrance.

Our thanks also go to Reigate and Banstead Council for their substantial grant, as well as all of you who may have contributed through donations and fund raising.

There will be scaffolding erected around our building and whist in place we will take the opportunity to repaint the decorative woodwork and upstairs window frames. The scaffolding is likely to be up for around two months with work starting Monday 27 February. We have asked that the side entrance remains usable and access is clear. All activities at the Hall will continue as normal during the works.

Once this project is complete, we will be looking to raise funds to upgrade the heating system and make other internal improvements, so we still require your help in achieving the best facilities for our Hall users.

Work is progressing well with the construction of the 2 storey extension at the rear of the main hall. This will replace to "Den" and the tent drying area, also enclosing all the open areas between the main hall and the Stores. The pictures below show initial installation of the main steel-work to support the structure.

IMG 0148

This shows the main "front to back" steels, linking the main building to the stores. Note the Den and tent drying area is still intact underneath at this stage!

IMG 0150

This picture shows the "A Frame" attached to the lower steels to form the upper storey end-wall. Further pictures below.

IMG 0149

IMG 0152




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