The Scouts took part in a 'Planet Earth' themed evening recently. This evening was run by some of our Young Leaders and they did an excellent job. Scouts moved their way through various bases, all with different themes - animal themed face painting, animal origami, rapidough with binoculars, underwater assault course and animal games. Here are a few photos from the night, mainly of the Scouts facepainting!









Last week the Scouts had fun getting very painty and very messy at our annual 'Body Art Attack' evening.

IMG 0475


The whole hall is covered in lining paper and the Scouts have to use only their body parts to compete the artwork. For some Scouts this included elbows, toes, cheeks, hair and even their lips!


We have a theme each evening- on Wednesday it was New York and on Friday it was the Wild West.

IMG 0467

Each patrol had a section to complete and the best section won the patrol of the week.

IMG 0473


As you can see some Scouts tend to end up with more paint on their bodies than on the paper!

IMG 0471

Thank you to all the Mums & Dads who willingly collected their very painty children.

This week the Scouts have been trying out their creative skills at our body art attack evening. This has now become an annual event and all sections get involved - the Beavers through to the Explorer Scouts. We cover the floor of the Scout hall with lining paper and pick a theme each year. This year the Wednesday night Scouts had an underwater theme as you can see.


Each patrol is allocated a section and supplied with a large quantity of paint. They then have to 'paint' their section using only their body parts - hands, feet, noses, elbows etc.

img 0175

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